How much you pay to be on it

·    There is a small monthly fee to be with Bathinda Helper groups. Just Rs 20. Yes!! You’ve read right. Rs 20 for full month. (But we charge Rs 100 for 5 months together).

·    By paying this small token amount, you will be on our wagon, thru Whatsapp, Google Plus, Facebook Closed Group and this website.

·    Why this token amount? Well this is just to discourage non-serious and non Bathinda residents to keep joining and inflate the membership just to show off the numbers. We rally don’t want this. No artificial membership numbers are needed. Nor are the members who once joined, no longer read or otherwise intend to contribute in any way. So, monthly expenses of Rs 20 will be born by only those who have at least some interest in the group activities.

So, sayonara. And see you around.